Regulations and conditions

  1. The maximum capacity of Can Pau de Mas Vilà is 7 people. Accommodation is not allowed for a number of people greater than the maximum capacity of the house.
  2. The consumption of water, electricity and heating are included in the total price of the stay, and therefore the use of devices that alter the expected consumption of supplies is not allowed.
  3. Payment and deposit: the reservation will not be effective until the client has made the agreed payment by mail.
    • Customers will make a deposit of €50 deposit at the time of booking. It will be returned in the next 6 days after the stay, as long as everything is in order and there are no flaws or anything missing THE HOUSE MUST BE LEFT IN THE SAME CONDITIONS THAT HAS BEEN FOUND, otherwise the necessary part will be deducted from the deposit to carry out repair, replacement of broken things, or cleaning.
    • The tourist tax is €1 for those over 16 years of age and night up to a maximum of 7 nights. This is not included with the rental price of the property and will be paid upon arrival at the house.
  4. Cancellation conditions of the reservation: if once the reservation is confirmed and the payment and deposit made, the client decides to cancel it, the payment and deposit will be returned:
    • 100% of the payment and deposit in case of cancellation of the reservation more than 30 days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.
    • No percentage of the deposit and deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation of the reservation between 30 and 0 days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.
    • In the event that the client decides to change the reservation dates, it will only be possible if it is notified more than 30 days before the date set to occupy the accommodation.
  5. Payment of the amount of the stay will be made at the time of entry into the house.
  6. Pets: We will understand as a pet one dog, no more than two dogs are accepted, It will always be necessary to communicate it, in each case, to the owner of the house.
    • Whoever has an animal has a responsibility, therefore the dogs will not climb on the bed, sofa and the plants or the furniture will not malt well and the client will collect the excrement of his pet therefore the client will be responsible for any incident, accident or damage caused by your dog.
  7. The introduction of furniture, sound equipment and the like in the house is not allowed, as well as carrying out any type of work or changing furniture.
  8. The use of the house or its landscape environment is not allowed for any type of activity other than that agreed. Nor may activities or conduct contrary to hygiene or normal coexistence or that violate public order be carried out.
  9. The owner will not be responsible for any type of personal and / or value object, or vehicle owned by the client, that could be found in the house during the contracted stay, nor for its loss, disappearance or theft.
  10. The house has sheets, blankets, towels, bath mat as well as a series of furniture and equipment in perfect condition. In the event that pieces of clothing, furniture or equipment are missing, the appropriate complaint will be made and will be subtracted from the deposit.
  11. The house does not have a sewer system, it works in a system of biological spheres, for the proper functioning of the same and to avoid blockages of the pipes, it is not allowed to throw wet wipes, tampax, panty liner or anything other than the toilet toilet paper.
  12. The minimum stay in the house must be two nights. During the months of July and August the minimum stay of the house is 7 days. For special dates it will be necessary to consult. The schedules will be agreed between the client and the property.
  13. Can Pau de Mas Vilà is advertised on many tourism websites and portals. The prevailing prices are those that we will inform you via email or telephone.
  14. A responsibility sheet must be signed to use the pool located on the farm and open only in the summer season.

Regulations for the good use of the pool

  • The pool located on the Can Pau de mas Vilà estate does not have a rescue service, lifeguard or bathers' surveillance.
  • Children under 14 cannot access the pool without the presence of an adult responsible.
  • The pool is fully fenced and has a key to enter and exit.
  • The managers of the housing for tourist use will leave the pool closed and offer a key to the premises to the tenants.
  • From now on, the user will sign a document in which he is fully responsible for what may happen, in this installation if it is misused. As well as the misuse that can be made of the rest of the farm's facilities.